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Sweetcorn Research

Sweetcorn became a popular vegetable in the 1960s which is a sweet version of maize. Several varieties are available, some have white kernels and others have a mix of yellow and white kernels. Varieties differ in sweetness, and recently super-sweet varieties have become available.

In 2015 the total tonnage grown was 69,000 tonnes.

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Land Management for Process Sweetcorn
Date 2017-03-20 10:52:25
This is a set of Recommended Best Management Practices (RBMPs) for land management to help New Zealand's sweet corn industry to achieve environmental and economic sustainability.
The document is in 4 parts

Introduction- Important background information including this page. It is important to read this page first

Recommendations - These are organised around the annual cycle of crop production. They are deliberately simple and practical

Fact sheets and References - These back up and explain the information we used to compile the recommendations

About- Details of the program that produced the RBMPs and how to contact the funding agencies and staff involved.