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Peas Research

Peas have a relatively short season and are a popular vegetable over the summer months. Most peas grown in New Zealand are eaten processed.

In 2015 the total tonnage grown was 66,500 tonnes and $84.8m FOB was exported.

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Down Mildew control in peas
Date 2016-08-15 16:04:51
Downy mildew can significantly reduce the yield of peas in some seasons. In severe cases almost entire stands can be destroyed and yield reductions of over 4 tonnes/ha have been reported. Foilar fungicide treatments significantly reduced the incidence and severity of downy mildew but, although there were small increases in yield, these were not significant and the gross margins over the control were negative.
Field evaluations of effect of seed fungicide treatment on seedling establishment
Date 2016-07-22 16:20:52
This report outlines the project “Epidemic development of ascochyta blight”, which completes the third and last year of work in the MAF Sustainable Farming Fund project “improved pea production for sustainable arable farming”. Based on the findings we recommend that fungicide seed treatments should continue to be routinely used for peas because they provide worthwhile insurance against soilborne seedling diseases that can harm seedling establishment, and provide some protection against epidemics of downy mildew in young crops.