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Research and Development

Research and Development

Generic IPM Guideline for Vegetable Crops

The generic IPM guideline is now available, click here.


Nutrient Management for Vegetable Crops in New Zealand - Manual

This excellent grower publication is now available and can be downloaded here

This project was funded by the Vegetable Research & Innovation Board, Plant & Food Research, the Fertiliser Association and co-funded by Process Vegetables NZ.

Process Vegetables NZ and the Vegetable Research and Innovation (VR&I) Board


Process Vegetables NZ Research & Development levy rate is 42 cents per $100 of the grower sales value. This levy is invested in to two research sectors on behalf of process vegetable growers: 

  1. PVNZ Research & Development to increase yields of processing crops and improve management of pests, viruses and diseases;
  2. Vegetable Research & Innovation Board - PVNZ is a co-funder of the VR&I Board.


The Vegetable Research & Innovation (VR&I) Board was established in 2006 to coordinate projects that encompass a number of crops managed by different vegetable Product Groups including Vegetables NZ Inc, Tomatoes NZ, Onions New Zealand Inc and NZ Buttercup Squash Council. The VR&I Board is Chaired by David Hadfield who also represents Process Vegetables NZ and the Vegetable Research & Innovation Coordinator is Dr Sally Anderson of Market Access Solutionz.

To access the Vegetable Research & Innovation website click here.

The VR&I Board has delegated responsibility from contributing product groups to:

  • Grow the focus on strategic R&I across the vegetable product groups;
  • Recommend an R&I strategy, and from this an investment portfolio across the vegetable product groups;
  • Coordinate the operation of this collective portfolio with key research providers;
  • Develop and coordinate proposals with key investment agencies to grow strategic investment into vegetable R&I;
  • Communicate vegetable industry R&I strategies and outcomes to key industry stakeholders;
  • Manage the vegetable R&I portfolio for the achievement of outcomes desired by growers;
  • Coordinate with other related portfolios, especially those product groups within Horticulture NZ and the wider horticulture industry.

The VR&I Board does not make decisions on investment in individual projects by the vegetable product groups. Product groups retain the right to make their own funding decisions via their own Research & Development Committees, however the goal is to develop a more strategic approach to this investment by incorporating the advice from the VR&I Board.