Who we are

Process Vegetables New Zealand (PVNZ) is a product group affiliated to Horticulture New Zealand (HortNZ).  PVNZ represents 350 commercial process vegetable growers on crop related issues. 

PVNZ members grow mainly carrots, sweet corn, peas, beans and beetroot.  Minor process vegetable crops include kumara (sweet potato), cauliflower and broccoli.  Potatoes are separately represented by Potatoes New Zealand. 

PVNZ is funded by a commodity levy at a rate of 80 cents per $100 of the sales value at the processor.

PVNZ and its grower members have a close relationship with New Zealand's key food processing companies, who provide funding and resources for crop research projects and crop management programmes.

What we do

Growing regions

Key process vegetable growing regions are Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Marlborough and Canterbury. 

The farm gate value of the total process vegetable industry (including potatoes) exceeds $375 million. 

Production figures for the principal process crops:

Carrot circle icon 1000x1000px


88,000 tonnes

Sweetcorn circle icon 1000x1000px


77,000 tonnes

Peas circle icon 1000x1000px


58,500 tonnes

Beetroot factory shot


22,000 tonnes

Green beans circle icon 1000x1000px


17,500 tonnes

Processing companies

The six main processing companies are: Wattie's, McCain Foods (New Zealand) Ltd, Talley Frozen Foods Ltd, Cedenco Foods Ltd, Leaderbrand Ltd and Juice Products New Zealand Ltd.

There are approximately seven or eight other minor vegetable processors.